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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Late reply from Cagliari - 1

Dear Elem, fourty-five years have gone past since you wrote me from Cornwall.
I've been surely answering you, in some way, somewhen. But I'm sure my reply have been cast in the phobias and contradictions of my juvenescence.
How are you, anyway?
We are both quite old ones now, aren't we? While adolescence is such a wonderful age, isn't it?
What I wanted to tell you is that you are also so handsome to me!!! And that Cornwall is so beatiful, and I will be soon coming to see you, with or without a friend for Carol!!!
But our teens are so silly and shy, my dear friend!!!
It does n't really matter what you might be doing now, but I'm going to come to see you over there!
Can you imagine it, Elem?
Oh, probably you wont recognize the handsome boy you wrote I was.
Now I'm an old, slightlyfat and almost  hairless man...
Don't worry, elem, I would send you a picture of me before leaving...though I realize you might not be there anymore... in theRock at Wadebridgre...
Let's say that. if you answer this letter, it will mean that you still there... Oh that would be fantastic!!!
'See you seen my dear Elem. Love form Cagliari, Sardinia. Reply soon if you can. George 

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