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Thursday, November 6, 2014

About me

Like many poets I'm fundamentally a lonely man. But at a certain time of his life, a poet needs to share   knowledge and experiences with other poets. This time has come for me. I've been spending most of my fifty five years searching the reasons why we are living here, on this earth, just in this space-time, sometimes feeling like trapped in my body, and in order to focus better my thoughts I started writing down my emotions. That's why I discovered myself as a poet. Now I want to understand what is a poet for.

I think a poet is a man who asks himself some questions and tries to answer them for  the benefit of other people,  beyond his own's horizons.

 A poet is a mediator between God and man (or between Nature and man, we can say after Wordsworth, if we don't want to be involved with such a n engaging matter as God). I see the poet partly  as a prophet and partly  as a witness  of his time.  Of course a poet is a man like the others. As such he feels  his own emotions and deals diary with love, pain, sorrow, joyfulness (only some days are for joy, unfortunately).

But the poet is also an artist, which makes the difference. As any artist the poet utilises special tools to build up the handicrafts of his art. These tools, for the poet, are the form's devices, the meter, the rhyme, the rhythm and, of course, the words. The more he knows how to use these tools, the more the poet can hit answering in a fashioned form those funding questions which are essential part of the role he has to play in the society. It's worthless to add that the use of technical instruments  is supposed to improve the result in terms of emotion and pleasure the reader expects to receive from poetry.

My poetic production can be divided in two main parts: the first one is made of  something like seventy poems written in free verses  along thirty years, from 1976 to  2006. It is a mixing of sad, spiritual and love poems.

The second part, more conspicuous than the first, starts on 1996 when my father, before dying, gave to me a late seventeenth’s  manuscript fragments from an ancient, our Sicilian ascendant.

Developing and studying upon these fragments I find out that the original manuscript formerly contained,  on blank and rhymed verses,  56 Cantos including 73 books of the Holy Bible and  nineteen apocryphal books.

Until now I have succeeded in rebuilding all the Cantos regarding the Old Testament (which form the Poem of Creation, partly already edited) and the four Gospel with ten apocryphal which have been transfused in a novel, set in the sixteenth century with the title of “Four voices, one story”, still to be published.

This second part of my poetic work presents a varied metric range going from  ottava rima in decasyllables to  terza rima also of decasyllables passing through quatrains of seven syllables and some other classical metric forms mostly from Petrarch's devices such as Ballatas, Canzones and even Sonnets.

Being a husband, a father, a teacher and a lawyer, I have been composing  all this during night time and in my free summer time (when not reading some good lectures, which I know plenty).

 My revision process regards above all the translation of my works in to English language.

 It's quite hard and I don’t think I will be able to translate the entire Poem of Creation respecting the  accents and the rhymes the Cantos have in the original Italian form.

At the moment I succeeded in translating the First Canto (you can read part of it, if you find the  time to do it, both in my blog and in my personal web page at )

I would like to publish   this first Canto and some of my best poems in a book to be titled "Living Witness" A tribute for a New Romantic Poetry.  

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