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Saturday, October 11, 2014

After the preacher

Probably published about  250 A.D. – Verses on terza rima

I fake of being the very wise King
whence to show you the deceptions of the world
What  appears to be  true
seems often someone  squaring the circle:
I’m not pessimistic but just  a real man!
What is worth to be joyous or sad?

Everything is vanity of vanities!
Vain it is the pleasure that oozes from love,
Vain is wisdom, and vain is  humbleness!

Vain is who lives and vain is who dies;
vain is stupidity that  pushes them low,
vain is the glory that induces  the honor!

Vain the accusation which offends by the stones,
vain the defense that indulges the punishments!
Vain it is to eat either soberly or  crassly,

vain the fast which dries up the veins;
vain is the  sunset and vain is the dawn!
Vain is also the river which goes by and by!

Vain every puff of wind and of bora,
vain is any event under the sun;
vain are the  current and vain are the early days

vain every hate and evil which aches;
vain is each effort or mental contest;
vain is to work at the mortar and grindstones;

vain to choose what  is worth or  not worth for!
Vain to be stoned  from the must,
vain is also each manual effort;

Vain  is want to be vain at any rate,
vain is the forgery and vain is the truth  
for people who  are bound to an identical fate!

Vainly  I look for You through thousands of  paths,
Please don’t be vain and treat me  sweetly

My unique Lord! 

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