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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Mysteroius Island

I'm a strong reader, before being an impassionate writer. I often go back to classic books!
At the present moment I'm reading Jules Verne's "The mysterious island". Verne is one of my favourite writers: in his books I find suspence, adventure, technologie and good sentiments. His heroes are alaways right, intrepid, loyal, brave! While reading his books I feel like becoming a young boy again!
I think his novels are timeless and never will be forgotten, notwithstanding they have been written more than a century ago!

The book tells the adventures of five Americans on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. The story begins during the American Civil War.  As famine and death ravage the city, five northern prisoners of war decide to escape by the unusual means of hijacking a balloon. The escapees are Cyrus Harding ; his black friend Neb  a former slave who had been freed; the sailor named Pencroft; his protectif Herbert  a young boy whom Pencroff raises as his own after the death of his father (Pencroff's former captain); and the reporter Gideon Spilett. The company is completed by Cyrus' dog "Top".
Jupiter, an orang outang, will join the sextet later on, in the middlo of the story.
I'm not telling you more, in order not to split up with the fairly surprises to be found if you go through the end of the story.

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