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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moses' Deeds -IV

So when the  child was grown  up, delivered
He was to Pharao’s  daughter ,   who paid her
to have nursed him; and was adopted
Like a  a son and called Wight a name Mosès,
“Which for Egyptian’s language “- she said-
“it signifies saved out of water!”
She had for that  child a  maternal affection
Though he  would be a hero  for Jewish’ salvation!

If you want to know  the history’s end
Go to the Bible  Second Book   and read
 of the ten sores that to Ramsès God will  send
and how  the Jewish prisoners fled
free ; and how  the calf that in the sand
the ungrateful worship of God instead!
I want to remember to my reader
That there he finds all better and greater!

The End

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