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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What life is for

Scene II
(At local police station- Inspector Green’s Office)
(Inspector Green and two policemen)

Insp. Green
-Are you sure then???

First Pm
-Yes, boss! Our deep throat says our two men, Vincent and Norman,  have already received the stuff from Jamaica!

Second Pm (mocking an improbable advertising spot)
-One hundred pounds of very tasteful Jamaican grass!!

Insp. Green (whistling by surprise)
-Fucking hell!!! What bloody channel do they get  such an amount of stuff through???

First Pm
-Our informer does not know it yet!!!

Second Pm
-On the other hand which advantage we’ll  get if we stop these supplies?!?

Insp.  Green (paying the right attention)
-What do you exactly mean by that?

First Pm (after changing a mutual understanding glance with his colleague)
            -Do you know how much is worth that stuff out there???

Insp. Green
-‘don’t know….. may be a forty quid each pound…..

First Pm
-Which   sums up to four thousand fucking pounds…a lot of money, ain’t it?

Insp.  Green (smelling a rat)
-You mean it’s a shame burning such a great amount of money, don’t you?

First Pm (smiling shrewdly)
-As matter of fact it’s a  legal offence even burning a single banknote!

Second Pm
-I know an American lad who cuts the grass off from his garden each time they seize this kind of  drugs…..

First Pm
            …….and he mixes a quarter of marjhuana with three quarters of his grass up to make the seized quantity….

Second Pm
            ……He swears that the incinerator’s guys smell   properly those  burned goods !
First Pm
-Of course, three thousand pounds are to be shared in three parts…

Insp. Green (approving)
-Do we know  where is stashed the stuff?

First Pm
-Not yet, sir!  But we know for sure that Vincent and Norman will start selling the stuff today, right in the afternoon!!

Second Pm
-In order to get rid of it in the shortest time, they  plan  to deliver it to single customers all in a day, carrying the stuff in the car!

Insp. Green
-Do we know the car they will use for delivers? Must be a big one!!

First Pm
            - Yes sir, it’s a van!  Unfortunately  they change it every time, but we know the  address and     the right time of the first deliver!!

Second Pm
-We know that one of them waits in the van while the other goes for delivering…

First Pm
            -….. so we can catch him while delivering the stuff…

Second Pm
            -…. And promise to him   safety  if he leads up straight to the van waiting outside!

Insp. Green
-Excellent, boys! Where’s planned their first deliver then?

First Pm ( handing him a note in a  paper after reading it)
-At five o’clock in a  flat of  Hampstead,  belonging to such a Mr Sailor, Anthony Sailor! 

Insp. Green (standing up, followed by the two guys)
-We will be there right for tea-time!!!

First Pm
– Of course we will!!

Second Pm
-And we‘ll make a very nice infuse, won’t we??

EXEUNT be continued...

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