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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moses' Deeds

A tribute now I pay right away,
and it is that that is due to Moses,
when Egypt became scary and fray,
at the times of  Pharaon Ramses ,
when they increased  as it’s harder to say,
and the  Egyptians felt a risk because,
that they  on arms in case of war,
would have won and escaped furthermore!

And despite of  the very hard jobs,
which the Egyptians had obliged all of them,
instead to decrease their  values,
made more skill and more dangerous men
at the eyes of the same oppressors,
of consequences and of costs regardless,
the Pharaon emanated this edict:
“Be every virile child of the Hebrews
[drowned in the river of Egypt.] be continued...

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