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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What life is for

A single Act in nine scenes
By Ignazio Salvatore Basile

Dramatis Personae

Max Sailor:  A young man looking for his own way
Brenda Parnell: Max’s  girlfriend
 George Tender: Good friend of Max’s and Brenda’s
Jonathan Close: A good  Jewish  boy from England
Elvira Giusti: Former Jon ’s girlfriend
Hamed Farsiwill : Iranian student refugee-Escaped from Iranian Revolution
Rocìo Peròn-Mendoza: Colombian student
Francesco Soggiu: Italian Theologian  Student
Inspector Green: Head of local police
Jim Cope: Inspector’s Green first man
Roy Elther: Inspector ‘s Green Second man
Vincent and Norman: pushers from Jamaica (do not appear)

 (The drama is laid in London  at any week-end between 1979 and 1980 in the Hampstead Max ’s parents  house)
Scene I
(Max, Brenda, George in a large bedroom)

Max (lying on the bed, in a dreaming voice)
-Tonight I would like to fly!!

Brenda (getting closer to hold the smoking pipe Max is handing to her, in a very sensual voice through the smoke she will take from the pipe)
-Why waiting tonight, my dear?

Max (getting up and giving the pipe Brenda is handing to George)
-Not  in that sense, Brenda!!! George have you got me???

-Of course I have! You would like to be some kind of flying bird, wouldn’t you?

Brenda (after passing the pipe George is handing to Max, miming a bird with open arms)
-Oh, yes! Let’s be a crow! Or even better, as we say with the Irish word, let’s be a
Préachàn (draws a crow’s sound from  her tongue)

George (also laughing  )
-I would prefer to be a dog sail!

Max (putting down the pipe on a bedside table)
-Great! I would also like it! A dog sail following the wake of a ship! For ever!

(The phone bell breaks on afterwards)

Max (picking up the phone)

-Sure! It’s right today!

(pause again)

-Any time you like in the afternoon!!

(another pause)

-I’ll see you later, then! By, by!!

-Who was it?

-He was Francesco, ‘you know? The italian guy who is following our philosophy term at College….

-Ah, the Jesuit priest? What did he want?

-He’s not a priest yet!

-I had formerly invited him to the party…and he just wanted a confirmation….

-He’s not a priest yet then?! That’s why he ‘s joining the party!! He has told me anyway he is graduated in theological sciences or something like that…..

-Actually is doing a sort of  sabbatical time before taking the final votes!

-That’s the way Jesuits are  unlisted…..…..

-They are supposed to experience in all things  of the life before becoming a priest….

Brenda (laughing maliciously)
-Even going with  women?

-I think they are! The things of   life also include screwing, don’t they?

Max(taking again the pipe in his hands)
-And also smoking I might suppose……

-I expect a priest would not copulate neither smoke…

-‘ you catholic! You’re always living among prohibitions!!! Is not the same for the orthodox, is it George?

-I think is not at all! As far as I know they can even get married!!!

-As matter of fact: they have to get marry before any carnal relation!!

-But Francesco is still a laic man!!
-And laity are not supposed to go with any woman before they get marry with them!!

-All this matter looks like a dog trying to catch  its own tail, doesn’t it?

-Quiet a difficult matter to face on my birthday!!!

-Oh, by the way, did you enjoy my birthday’s present?

Max (watching up the pipe’s bowl and searching somewhere around)
-Where is the rest of the grass?

Brenda (handing him a small silver wrapping paper )
-Here you are!

Max (filling up the   bowl and   passing to George the lighting pipe)
-Of course I did! What about you George?

George (tasting a long blow and passing the pipe to Brenda)
-That’s really a special stuff! I’m stoned as hell!

Brenda (taking a blow)
-Why do we say ‘ stoned as hell’? I actually feel stoned as heaven!!!

-Do we have anymore to share with our guests?

-Don’t worry about. We’ll have plenty of it!!  Vincent, my pusher, has promised to come along with a large pound of the same stuff, this afternoon; this was only a free sample (shows the empty tinfoil)

(A heavy sound hits the time)

-Goodness! It’s one o’clock!?!

Brenda (laughing and mocking a famous song)
-And time for lunch! Onky-tonky!!!!

Max (laughing too)
            -And we still have to set the catering on the tables for the guests! They might be coming soon!

-Let’s go upstairs then!


... to be continued...

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