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Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 Reasons to Hire a Manny

  1. Providing a Male Role Model – Single working mothers or families headed by two women may prefer a male nanny over his female counterparts, simply to provide a strong male role model that may be otherwise missing from a child’s life. By hiring a qualified and capable manny, you’ll be ensuring that your sons have a positive role model and that your daughters benefit from the presence of a male figure in her life.
  2. Your Child Has Special Needs – Kids with special needs, especially those with mobility problems, may benefit from having a male nanny whose physical strength allows him to more easily move and maneuver around wheelchairs or other bulky specialized equipment. Some children that have developmental disorders such as an autism spectrum disorder or Down’s syndrome may even feel more comfortable with a male childcare provider, depending upon their individual preferences. If you know that your special needs child is more secure and happier in the presence of men than women, hiring a manny is a great way to ensure that those needs are met.
  3. Safety and Security – Generalizations aside, intruders, kidnappers and other predators may be less likely to make an attempt on a child whose caregiver is male, even if that manny isn’t particularly large or muscular. Parents with security concerns or worries about the safety of their home and children while they’re away may feel more comfortable knowing that their manny serves as a crime deterrent simply by doing his job.
  4. He’s the Most Qualified Applicant For the Job – If you’ve interviewed a dozen nannies and none fit the bill, but have encountered a manny with impeccable references, a strong work history, and plenty of experience, the reasons to hire him far outweigh any societal concerns that might move you to opt for a less-qualified female applicant.
  5. You’re Not Interested in Traditional Gender Stereotypes – Some socially progressive families may hire a manny simply to underscore the flippant attitude about traditional gender roles; other families may just be utterly disinterested with such things. If you fall into either camp and you’ve managed to find a manny who fits the bill, hiring him might be the wisest choice you’ve ever made. In addition to providing your children with quality childcare, you’re also providing them with a household where such things are of no concern; rather than growing up with a stilted worldview, your children will be able to accept non-traditional gender roles and careers in a way that their peers may have find difficult to grasp.
  6. Your Boys Are Exceptionally Into Contact Sports – Though there are definitely a high number of athletic, physically active nannies in the hiring pool, a manny may be more suited to your needs if you have children that are looking for a constant teammate and coach who loves male dominated sports. For families with older boys who participate heavily in contact sports, having a practice partner or someone to help lug the gear into the boys dressing room can be an added bonus.
  7. You Have a Child With Behavioral Problems – Because men can often project an air of authority with little effort, some kids that have behavioral problems may find it more difficult to challenge a male nanny and are thus inspired to exert more self-control than they might under the care of a traditional female nanny. While this certainly isn’t always the case, it may be worth a try if you’re struggling with your child’s behavior.
Gwyneth and Madonna may have been among the first to put mannies in the eye of the paparazzi, but they definitely didn’t start the trend. Even sitcoms have seen their share of iconic mannies: Who’s the Boss and Charles in Charge centered around the daily lives of their manny protagonists, and even the sitcom juggernaut Friends got in on the manny action briefly, with Freddie Prinze, Jr. making a cameo.
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