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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The life of Giuseppe Garibaldi- Second part

As matter of fact, Peppino, as the hero is called by his parents, when is fifteen year old,  convinces his father to be allowed to start his career as mariner; when is seventeen, he joins an italian ship, capitained by Angelo Pesante. On his very first journey  he goes to Odessa, enin the Black sea, up to Taganrog, in the  Azov sea, for trading.

In 1825, he discovers Rome where he goes with his father taking the wine for the pilgrim of saint jubelee. In this trip stats his first idea of taking off Rome to the Pontifical State to made of the eternal town the Capital of the reunifing Italy.

In 1827 he sets down in Costantinople obliged to rest there by a sickness up to the end of 1831.

 He teaches in these three years both italian and frend and even Maths, on which is very skill also because he has longly study it for shipping reasons.

In 1832, he reaches the driving commandin lycense as shipping capitain.

In  march 1833 he  leaves again for Constantinople.

 The clorinde embarks  13 french passangers who show to be adepts of Henri de Saint-Simon. They are led by Émile Barrault, who exposes the  « saint-simoniennes » ideas to  Garibaldi.

A phrase hits  particulary the young capitain Garibaldi:
    « A cosmopolitain man, who adoptes all the humanity as his own country  offering his spade and his blood to the people fighting  against the  tyranny he's not just a soldier, he's  quite a héro » be continued...

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