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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The life of Giuseppe Garibaldi - Fourth Part

At the time Garibaldi was born (we are in the first decade of 1800 ) the  italien peninsula was split under a multitude of small independent states.  A strong national sentiment lived  nevertheless  in the Italian's souls.

Some insurrectional and republican movements started in 1820 up to 1831. Garibaldi, like  mostly of his  génération, had built up the  conscience of a  national unity, ground since the split of the   Roman Empire.

For Garibaldi, the Mazzini's thèses to  unify Italy   (Mazzini was, as matter of fact, the other great Joseph of the italian risorgimental épopée),  look like the  directe conséquence of  Barrault's ideas, initial moment of the  rédemption of all reprimed  people.

This last voyage changes Garibaldi's life; in his mémories, he writes:« Christophore Colomb didn't certainly feel pas as satisfactied  déscovering lAmérica as I felt finding someone who was engaged on the  rédemption of our  italic country».

The officiel historiography wants Giuseppe Garibaldi meeting Giuseppe Mazzini in 1833 à Marseille where he jointed The " Giovine Italia" (The Young Italy), the political secrèt  Mazzini 's association whose objectif was to transform Italy into a démocratique unitaire république, without the king of  Tourin, and without the Pope of  Rome, making the  etèrnal town the capital of the new republican state.

In his quality of mariner, Garibaldi must face five year military  service in the royal sardinian  navy; he joined on décembre 1833. Respecting the tradition, he adoptes as nick name Cléombrote, greek  héro from  Sparte.

 Within his friends Edoardo Mutru and Marco Pes, he tries to make some  prosélytist for the cause, risking on the front of the police. As matter of fact the three friends  are foresigned to the police by whom they are surveilled ; Mutru and Garibaldi are moved on the ship Comte de Geneys, the 3rd of  fébruary; the ship is on the edge to   départ with destination Brésil.

In order to understand these  évents, we need to remind that   Mazzini and the Jeune Italie, were controled by the king of Sardinia and by his own governement, because of their républicain ideas.

Nevertheless Garibaldi, for the sake of  the  liberty of his  people, will renounce  the républicain idéals, becoming the king of  Sardinia's friend and of his premier count Camile de Cavour, the others great  autors  of the italien Unification with Mazzini and our héro Garibaldi. be continued...

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