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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In memory of the great hero Garibaldi

In these last days took place in France, and precisely in Villeneuve-sur-Lot (french town of 24,673 inhabitants located in the department of the Lot and Garonne in the region of Aquitaine, twinned with the Italian city of San Donà di Piave) an important event that  involved the  calaritan lawyer Ignazio Salvatore Basile: the inauguration of a street dedicated to  Giuseppe Garibaldi, the great hero who was born in Nice, the 4th julliet 1807 who fought so long to reunify Italy under the sceptre of the Savoia dinasty.The public joint in a great  number and  was composed of citizens of Villeneuve sur Lot and students from two  high schools who study  italian language and literature between the subjects of their school curriculum. At the conclusion of the Conference Mr Basile has  illustrated the main phases of the films of neorealist director Roberto Rossellini "Viva l'Italia".
At the film vision the calaritan  relator spent a long nice time with the french students and with their teacher on italian subject, Mr Dupont, making them a present of his poetry's books . Professor Dupont, proposed to make a twin exchange between his school and the italian lyceum where the  italian relator teaches law and economics.

The day of Friday instead had as a fulcrum, the inauguration of the road in the presence of the mayor of the town of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Mr Jerome Cahuzac, neo finance minister of the French government. This second day culminated in dinner of friendship french-italian gladdened by singer   Dorinne who performed traditional music of the Italian repertoire, accompanied by a bandoneon player. 
The italian conferencer left Villeneuve sur Lot in the day of saturday 2nd of june after visiting the beatiful middle age towns of Pujol and Penne sur Agen.
He was positively impressed by the affection and friendship sympathy french people has showed to him.
He loves very much to go around the world where Garibaldi is known in order to narrate the mirabolant and brave gestures of his adventured life.
A man, the great Giuseppe Garibaldi, who advocated the unity of the people, and who's still unable to unite and to cement the friendship between two of the nations of Europe that he loved in particular: Italy and France.

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