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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best lover in the world

Never mind with Casanova and Don Juan; no matter with Warren Beatty and Simenon (who stopped at only 1000); don't mention late latin lover Rudolph Valentino and any other lover from Italy; unfortunately for the discendents of  Roman consul Antonio (who was one of his best characters in the movies) the best lover of any time is Welsh actor Richard Burton who made love with 2.500 women (I say twothousandandfivehundred!).
Well! These are only numbers, one could say!
As matter of fact it seems that poor Richard Burton was a sex addict: it means he just was ill, not sane, like an unlucky drugaddict o alcholist if you prefer!
Make up your mind and think what you want about!
I'm  personally convinced that a man, when is happy with a woman, must make love only to her. And not only for religious or moral  convincement; when a man searchs other female's favors, it means that he's not happy at all!
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