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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An international Spy' Story

While russian president Wladimir Putin declairs  Strauss-Khan has been a victim af a french-american plot to discredit a future, strong candidate to the French Presidence, the former IMF's President enroles an american agency, founded by formers CIA spies, to dig on maid's New York Sofitel  Hotel, who alleges to be raped by the french man last 14 of may.

So, the famous economist, in his 632 square meters golden prison in Manhattan, prepares his defence with chief legal team Brafman.

Does he want to prove Putin's suspects on USA and France alleged plot against him?

But the very day after he was arrested by NYPolice Officers, already on his way to France, he said himself victim by the Russia secrets services, in order th boost him out fron top IMF border!

We will see what goes on next!
At the moment let's just say that, if trump there has been in the story, it worked out, because the Bear has gone to Honey!

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