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Saturday, February 20, 2016

In favor or against the Internet

Dear friend, you asked me to say if I'm in favor or against  the Internet. 
Of course there are so many reasons to be in favor. But there are also many reasons to be against. 
So, in this letter I'll first  tell you why I'm against the Internet and afterwards I'll write down the reasons I see to be in favor of the Internet, which are may be even more.
Reasons against the Internet:  Last week my youngest daughter made a payment on her poste pay credit card; she needed  to make some shoppings on line. When she tried to use her credit card she discovered with so much sorrow that someone had stolen her money. Furthermore I'm an old fashoned man and,  depending on me, men were still living in the caves, hunting for eating and warming themselves at the fire in the summer nightime, listening the old stories from some story teller. Staying connected all day,  men have lost the pleasure to look each others into their eyes and millions of people have lost their job because of the Internet. 
And what about the fact that on the Internet each stupid has the opportunity to show how much silly he is?
As matter of fact I distrust any thing which is new and I always regret the old times gone.

Reasons in favor of the Internet: As I told you before the reasons to be in favor of the Internet are much more than the others to be against.
First of all I want to remind my first years as a lawyer. I used to spend a lot of time digiting at my old  typewriting machine. And if I made a mistake I had to start again from the beginning. And if the judicial act was at its deadline in the next day, I was compelled to work until morning in order to be able to protocol the act in the right time.
Now, thanks to Internet, when you start a new job, pasting and removing you can make the point quite easily.
Eventually, now, you can even deposit your act stayng at home.

Secondly i want to point out the facilities to be informed at any time thanks to the news travelling in real time on the Web.
Furtherly more if you have a friend or a relative far way you can talk with him/her quite easily even seeing her/him on skype or through any other webcam, thanks to your PC.
Last but not least, if yoiu digit anything on your keyboard the Internet is able to give you an immediate answer.
Please let me know what you think about this fascinating debate.
Best regards from Albix

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