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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A lonely summer

It was the last day of the summer holidays of too many years ago,  and I wasn't expecting much to happen. Suddenly I heard the phone ringing. For the first time in my school records I had to repair one subject: Geography. It might seem incredible but it's true. Of all the subjects, chemistry, maths, latin, phisic I showed my limits just in Geography so I had to spent my summer trying to improve my scarce knowledge in that particular subject. In a few day, in the first days of September,  I would be attending my fall examination in order to be admitted at the final course to graduate ad eventually go to to University. I picked up the telephone: what a nice surprise! It was Laura at the phone! Laura was a school mate who had also to make up for Geography. She was very nice of her to invite me for joining and prepairing together that boring subject for the repairing examination of September. So my summer had an happy end that unfortunate year.

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