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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Berlin today

I've recently gone  to Berlin. Just a couple of days to break on the daily routine and take a breath outside the ordinary affairs.
It must sound evident, even lapalissian, that when you go somewhere, abroad or anywherelse, you are still yourself.
Nevertheless there is something new and different on you, when you are somewhwerelse from your ordinary space life.
I can't exactly say what this difference consists of,  but anyway you can feel it.
Every place, as matter of fact, has got its own imprint, a sort of sensitive character or personality.
May be is the astral conjunction or simply the geographic location; it might be the sorrounding's effect or, if you believe on it, the spirits of the good and  evil people already gone, but previously living there.
The ancient used to call it "The genius loci" which can be translated as "The character of the place" or something like that.
In Berlin that particular genius is made of open spaces, discretion, courtesy, a german spirit of efficient and steady intelligence and open sympathy.
I also felt the shadow of a wall, hanging somewhere, like a vagabond phantom searching for answers still to be given.
The same answers the poet searchs when he asks why people very often make their own way out of peaceful brotherhood.
Germans are now our brother in the name of Europe, in the name of Christianity, in the name of the common belonging to this place called  Earth Planet; but yesterday there were even two different kinds of Germans: eastern and western Germans!
The genius of Berlin is young, fresh, enjoyable!
Yes, you can enjoy Berlin!!!

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