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Saturday, July 19, 2014

What life is for -III

Scene III
(Max’s house living room; Francesco is reading a book sitting in an armchair ; Brenda comes from the central door who leads upstairs; from the open door they can ear sounds of feasting voices and rock music from late seventies;)

Brenda (entering)
-Here you are Francesco! I’m sorry you are not enjoying the party!!

Francesco (closing the book on his left hand)
-Don’t be sorry, Brenda! The party is all right. It’s me to be wrong!

Brenda (laughing)
-That’s exactly what Max says when he wants to leave a party! Do you know where has he  gone, by the way? You left together upstairs, didn’t you?

-Well, I simply followed him downstairs! And he just told me here I would be in a quiet reading place , ‘you know? But after receiving  a phone call… he went out to make his own phone call…. I suppose that telephone must be broken for calling out I mean(shows a telephone apparatus on a table)…..

Brenda (pulling the telephone up with confidence)
-It could be….but I ‘m not so sure  …..

Francesco (with embarrassed voice)
-I see….May be he had to make a sort of private call…. I would have left him alone …..

Brenda (with  a reassuring tone of voice, sitting on the opposite armchair)
-Don’t be upset, please, Francesco! Max is such a claustrophobic subject from time to time…..he wanted to go out.. that’s all!!!May I stay with you for a while?

-Of course you can! I’ll be pleased!

-Will you really?

Francesco (Putting the book down on the table and sitting with crossing legs and folded arms)
-Sure ! Why should I not?

Brenda (sitting on the edge of the armchair and lowing her voice)
-May be you can be my confessor….

Francesco (laughing)
-I’m sorry but I’m not enable to confess you! Not yet, at least….

Brenda (as above)
-But you could however  advice me…would you?

-Well, it depends from the matter, ‘ you know?

Brenda (with sensual voice)
-It’s a matter of love!!!”

Francesco (showing indifference)
-What kind of love does it deal with?

Brenda (surprised)
-Love is just love, isn’t it?

-Sure it is! But it also takes so many forms….

-Let’s talk about sex and love!!!

-Not always sex and love march together, do they?

Brenda (sinking into the armchair)
-Don’t be such a sophisticate prayer please!!! I’m just a mere student from art’s school!!!

-I know you are! Max has shown me some paints of yours…

-Has he? How have you liked them?

-They show a sort of….How would I say?  I mean a sort of universal  desire of love….But I’m  only a student from theological ‘s  school, ‘ you know?

Brenda (laughing)
-‘You mean desire to get love or just to give it?

-I don’t really know….may be both of them…

Brenda (closing back)
-Do you think a woman can love two men at the same time?

Francesco (showing a little embarrassed)
-What do you exactly mean by that?

-That   I make sex with Max and George… I mean, all three together, at the same time, in the same bed, playing the same erotic performance,  do you understand me now?

-Yes, yes, I do!  You don’t need to say more….

Brenda (closing weakly her eyes)
-We take pleasure each other: I love them and they love me…..

-And you would like to know my personal point of view or you prefer the theological rule for such a matter?

-I’m just interested on your own personal point of view!

-May be you might be thinking of loving them but they, for sure, are in love one each other!!!

Brenda (with surprise)
-What are you trying to say to me?

-I say that Max and George pretend to love you but actually  they realize their reciprocal love through your body…

Brenda (feeling upset)
            ….in other words you’re telling me that  they hide themselves behind my body?

-That’s right!

-Though difficult to believe it sounds quiet unpleasant to me!

-I’m sorry, Brenda! I didn’t really want to hurt you! That’s just what I have seen inside your words!!

Brenda (sinking again in the armchair with a sigh, firstly like in trance )
            - There are so many stale and unprofitable uses in this world…….Nevertheless when they lie with me   I feel  that my body is  granting their desires, ‘you             know? And afterwards they keep satisfied….

-But my question is: are you satisfied yourself???

Brenda (like above, after a short pause )
            - Sometimes I feel there is something unfinished in all that… as if I searched for something       else…..may be a son to be mine above all… above conventions… above his own         father…whoever he might be……

            - ‘You mean like in a matriarchal society?

            - …. It might be so…

-But human  kind have already passed through that stadium. I think the world must go ahead……

Brenda (like following her intimate thoughts)

            -  Sometimes  I feel so astonished.. so confused…so ungratified…

Francesco (standing up)
-When I told you  before, that there are so many kinds of love, I meant that sexual love is an ever rising need: the more you make it, the more you need it…As matter of fact there is a superior level of love which is able to extinguish for ever our thirst of love….

Brenda (standing up and embracing him)

-Please, Francesco, show me that kind of love! Please, I really want it!!!
... to be continued...

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