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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Italian Elections' Winner

Expert analysis on TV and on the Web abound, seasoned with endless displays of data: aggregates, disaggregated compounds, compared, projected, filmed and relayed and so on, and so forth.The question, however, in the end,  is only one:  who are the winners?
The question also  includes and involves a central matter: Supposed that is Beppe Grillo's 5 Stars Movement the winnwer, who really are the President Grillo's men?Yet the answer to this fundamental question, that experts can not or do not want to see, is very simple: take the votes lost by the Democratic Party, by the Berlusconi's  Party, by the Northern League and by  the Communists and you'll get exactly the percentage representation of this great result made by the  Grillo's people ( we call them "Grillini" hencefor).Go to any site, take any newspaper and  do this reckoning I have suggested;  the result can change by a few decimal but the essence is that M5S have  intercepted all unhappy voters in Italy.They are nothing more than the Italians tired of being exposed  to the arrogance and privileges of caste; they  are all former members of the Northern League, Berlusconi repentant, enlightened Communist  and DiPietro disenchanted. The Grillini are the new Italy: Italy of the old parties is now dead.I hope  not to see, from tomorrow,  on the political scene rotting skeletons, locked in a mephitic embrac , dancing surreal tangos of death.I hope instead that  some elegant man of noble sentiments, has the intelligence  and public sensitivity to invite these Grillini to dance the New Dawn Dance, on whose notes to rebuild this poor Italy plagued by a disrespectful , greedy and arrogant political caste which has so far been unable to see the tsunami that 'has overwhelmed and that threatens to engulf Italy.Best wishes to President Napolitano and  to the newly elected members of the Parliament.May  Lord guide their political action.
God Bless ItalyLong live Italy.

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