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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Poem of Creation

Continues from June the 29th 2011

Second Part

Realized Adam and Eve since then to stay 
 naked with shame, and they wore like a shield
fig leaves to be covered since that day 
To protect their nudity in the bloom field! 
“Where areyou ? Why are you walking away
From me?” asse to Adam God, who will wield
Forever human‘s fate. Eve confirmed 
that because of the snake eaten they had!

In fact the Holy  Lord said to the snake: 
“Because of  what you ‘ve done,  cursed are you; 
Above wild animals, and I will make 
You eating the dust for all your life through 
Upon your belly, unable to shake 
Your arts! Your head’ll crash you the woman to 
whom  hostile I will make you and her heel 
One day you’ll try to injure for such appeal! 

It said to the woman: “I will greatly
Multiply your pains in pregnanciness 
Adress your instinct, but dominionless 
It will be on him!” To man God said bada: 
You won’t draw  any food on soil unless
Ion the  sweat of your face. That will be a must
‘cause you are dust and you’ll return to dust! 

And since then the path  is not allowed
On direction forward  the tree of the life, 
And  God on the edge of the Garden placed 
The cherubim with a flaming big knife 
Worried that man would have the fruit tasted 
Of life’s tree to become eternal stuff! 
That’s why God sent Adam and Eve away 
from the Eden, as the Holy Books say. 

To be continued

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