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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Tibet

Thank you Mr Obama for meeting the Dalai Lama though the chinese governement keeps on protesting, claiming that Tibet it's a domestic affair.
Sorry Mr Premier Tchatch Weng or whatever you're named, but Tibet is not a chinese affair.
Tibet will never be chinese.
I don't have anything special against China and chinese people but I don't like communism and above all I don't people who go to foreign countries imposing their customs and their laws against the traditions and the local habits.
Furthermore I think that every man has the right to believe in his God, supposing is a God of love and peace.
I'm Christian but I want everybody free of worshipping any God and even to don't believe at all.
Commerce and financial power cannot kill freedom.
Please America keep on fighting for freedom. Don't let materialism win against spiritualism.
Don't let communism win against liberalism.
Don't let liberty fall in front of slavery.

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