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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The World’s Creation - First Part

At the beginning God created the sky
And the earth, wich was shapeless and desert
And the darkness cover’d the abysses close by;
But on the waters, with His divine, expert
Zeal, God established that the obscurity
Was opened to the bright alert!
And so came out the light.
It was named as day, and the dark as night.

Then beneath the waters, the firmament
Put God, and between them, below the dry land
He also put, where in a moment,
To any bud and tree He gave command
From seed to be produced for nourishment
Of any species, in ground, soil or sand!
After naming sky, earth and sea
To the following duty God had to begin.

Hereafter the lights in to the sky He set
Doing the moon and the sun for night and day,
And other signs and stars in dose correct,
To make years and seasons going away,
Because is much more than perfect
And furthermore of this I cannot say!
About this stanza therefore
I will not tell you anymore!

Fly off all the birds freely in the air
And splash about in to sea any fish;
Graze lambs, calves and livestock everywhere
In grassy lawns that will never languish;
Grow up reptiles fair and unfairs,
 living beings and monstrous and polish!
After the earth had all animals found
God ordered to them to multiply around.

Finally He sad: - “ Let’s make the man
To our image and similarity
to every animal to be on command!”
After doing that He sat quietly.
Since then, after six days, the next again
The man, in the seventh, stands restly,
Consecrating it for the rest and to the prayers,
Both the last hours and also the first!

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