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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Poem of Creation- God creates the Man

 continues from 14th of   june 2011

But the Creation was not yet complete
Still being missed the breath of the Animator
Who into a giant can transform a bit!
Waters from earth going up by Creator
To mist all over the ground were admit
So could mould the man God the Great Factor
and by that divine blow the man was made
though lonely,  nevertheless, he stayed.

Insofar a day, while he was sleeping,
God took one of his ribs from his right side
And close up its place with flesh, according
Not to keep him alone, such a grac’ful glide
became a woman, companion cleaving:
On body and soul with man equal inside
and ‘t was a joy! But from that happiness
Adam had soon be wak’n on bitterness!

In truth, as I have already said ,
it was the snake the deceiving actor,
who convinced Eve to be so mad
to eat the fruit that the Good Factor
had forbidden; and she convinced her lad
they would have become like a professor
of science and art of evil and good !
That fruit so had to come the damned food!

End of First Part- to be continued

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