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Friday, February 4, 2011

A fair tale on line

 "Once upon a time..." That's the way ancient fairy tale used to start. Well, the story happened to Daryl and Lauren seems a fairy tale, not an ancient one, but a fairy tale on line.
Daryl and Lauren met at Social Network  Facebook and after a few they wanted to know each other face to face.
The day fixed for their first date she had a tremendous car-crash, which left her in coma for sevel months.
He didn't give up and kept sending sms to her phone. After reveiling from the coma she started remembering little by little and so they could eventually meet.
Now they got married and live both very happy.
So Daryl's perseverance was prized with love and Lauren saw some light after the coma's darkness.
An happy end which warms up also my heart.
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