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Monday, January 31, 2011

Religion and Spirituality

Outcry has risen in Great Britain as Secretary School Michael Gove has announced he's intentioned to include a Yogi School in a batch of private institutes to be financed with public funds.
The School is set in Ormskirk, Lancashire and is based on the teachings of Yogi Mahareshi Maharesh, former spiritual giude of sixties  rock celebrities from Liverpool Beatles.
The pupils, aged from four to sixteen years study, among the other subjects, make twenty minutes of trascendental meditation, staying steady and silently.
Critics say the through this trascendental meditation a sort of religious message could be transmitted to the pupils.
I personally believe that Spirituality includes all religions, because there are some oriental philosophies which don't recognize at all any God.
Of course, as a Jesus follower I also believe that the God Allmight has created all the men and all the religions and spiritual movements ever appeared at any time all over the world.
But this is another matter.

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