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Monday, May 3, 2010

With lisp and painful tongue

She has a painful and lisp tongue because of a piercing.
Her name is Reece-Marie, fifteen, who had to rush to surgery because her tongue was bleeding after putting a bar in her tongue, probably causing a vein's rupture.
She went trhough total anestethic opration to remove the jewel from her mouth where she add a few stitches on.
Her mother fears her lisp speaking might be permanent.
The parents are seriously thinking to pursuing the shop has put the piercing on their daughter despite the law requires the parental's consent.

To know more by Chris Brooke fron the Daily Mail

Schoolgirl, 15, rushed to surgery after tongue piercing ruptures vein

A teenage schoolgirl underwent emergency surgery after a routine tongue piercing procedure went disastrously wrong.

Reece-Marie Hall, 15, had the piercing at a city centre shop after lying about her age and claiming to be 16.

But she began bleeding heavily after the £15 silver bar was put in and she was later taken to hospital by ambulance.

The piercing is believed to have caused a vein to rupture and doctors at Hull Royal Infirmary were forced to give her a general anaesthetic to remove the jewellery from her mouth.

Reece-Marie Hall, 15, was rushed to hospital after a piercing she had done punctured an artery in her tongue

The family has consulted solicitors about suing the piercing shop in Hull, who deny allegations of negligence.

Recalling her ordeal, Reece-Marie said: 'At first my tongue didn't bleed, but after I left the shop was tongue started pouring with blood. I kept choking.'

She returned to the piercing shop, where staff gave her some gauze. She later called into another shop, where she was earlier refused a piercing because she did not have parental consent, and was told to go to hospital.

Reece-Marie said: 'I went home to my mum who called an ambulance. I was really scared.' The schoolgirl was immediately sent for surgery.

She said: 'The doctors put me to sleep using an oxygen mask, which kept filling up with blood, and they surgically removed the bar.'

Her mother Leeanne Hall, 35, said: 'I called an ambulance and Reece-Marie was taken to hospital while I tried to find someone to look after my two young boys.

'I had a phone call off the surgeon saying I would have to come down straight away and sign a consent form for surgery.

'When I got there I nearly passed out there was so much blood. Reece-Marie now has a lisp and I can't always understand what she's saying. I hope it isn't a permanent thing.'

Reece-Marie Hall shows the stitches in her tongue after having the emergency surgery

Reece-Marie, who also has trouble eating following her ordeal, added: 'I am taking iron because I lost too much blood and I am also on antibiotics and paracetamol.

'My tongue is not as swollen as it was, but it has stitches in it and it's very painful.'

Steve Rowe, of Classic piercing and tattoo studio, who carried out the procedure, blamed the teenager for causing the problem. He insisted she must have 'interfered' with the piercing after leaving his shop.

He said: 'She was on our premises for at least 10 minutes after she had the tongue pierced, she paid me and she left happy.

'She didn't come back for about half-an-hour, and when she did I applied minimal pressure for about one minute and the bleeding did stop.

'But she wouldn't leave it alone and kept making it worse. I think she took the bar out herself and put another bar in. She didn't like the size of it.'

Mr Rowe said he was adamant he had not caused Reece-Marie's injury.

He said: 'I have been doing this for 30 years and before I puncture the tongue I check for veins and turn away two to three people a day because their veins are in the way.

It's a mystery, because she stayed on the premises for 10 minutes after with no ill effects.'

A spokesman for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust confirmed Reece-Marie was admitted into hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

A spokesman for Hull City Council said its Environmental Health department had been informed about the incident.

Tattooing and piercing parlours are covered by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provision) Act 1982.

Under the act, people offering tattooing and piercing need to be registered with the local authority, as do the premises.

The act covers sterilisation procedures on the premises and looks at the cleanliness of operations.

However, unlike tattoos, legal guidelines do not impose a minimum age for body piercings.

Tracy Harsley, of Hull City Council, said: 'There is no lower age limit for skin piercing, but when we register operators who provide piercing services we recommend they don't pierce young people under the age of 16 without consent from a parent or carer

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