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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That's Art too

"Stop the Violence" is called the original Art Collection made of sixteen creations all made by bones, created by american artist Robert Francois.

"My art"- says the original artist " it's a message against war, which leaves us only skeleton's bones to count up, anyway it might end!"

"I started my collection as an answer to recession"- continues the american artist -"and my collection has been bought for 35,000 $ which makes me proud of rightly spending my art's talents.

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It began when Francois Robert bought a school locker for £30 at an auction and out tumbled a skeleton.

The wired-up figure had been used to teach pupils but the 63-year-old artist saw its potential for his creative talents.

However because it was all wired together he found there was little he could do.

So, he turned to a company that makes bones for medical schools which exchanged the skeleton for a box of 206 bones which Francois, from Arizona in the U.S., then turned into works of art.

The collection of 16 images called Stop The Violence aims to make a statement about the consequences of war

He spends hours painstakingly arranging the bones into striking shapes each 5ft or 6ft wide before photographing them.

His amazing work has now fetched more than £35,000 and won him a prestigious Lucie Award which in the past has honoured photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Elliott Erwin.

The collection of 16 images called Stop The Violence aims to make a statement about the consequences of war.

Francois said: 'Each image is a symbol of war or violence, such as a gun or a tank and I wanted to show that sadly the human skeleton is often all that remains from such acts of violence.

'This is what you are left with after war - a body count.'

Francois said he would never have started the project if it hadn't been for the pressure brought on him by the recession.

But his decision to make art out of bones has really paid off because the response for his collection had been amazing.

He said: 'I think I'm the only person who is glad the recession hit.'

Not only has Francois' collection earnt him an award but he sold the collection of 16 images to a collector in Chicago for £35,000.

'The interest in my work has snowballed, I also sold my images to an American author who is using his images in his book which goes on sale in August.

'And I sold a larger image from the collection at a fine art exhibition for £4,500

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