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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes they return

Rome's ancient emperor Vespasianus would surely give his plaudits to the idea that Council bosses had in Eastleigh, Hants, in order to avoid the unpleasant show of men urinating on the public streets, specially at Sunday nights.

Though I believe that at least two side barriers should be erected to contain the bin, aimed to save users reservation and passers-by's decency.

To know more by Daily Mail Reporter

If you ever tempted to remonstrate with a drunken young man relieving himself by the side of the street late one night, be warned - he might just be doing his bit for the environment.

New 'wheelie bin urinals' are to be placed around a town which has been deluged by drinkers relieving themselves in the street.
The new breed of public toilets will allow men to urinate into a funnel that transfers the liquid into a compartment in the base where it is converted into bio-fertiliser.
Council bosses in Eastleigh, Hants, say the town has been blighted by people urinating in its streets, alleyways and shop doorways.
The modified wheelie bins have a separate section that acts as a urinal
Figures show that in just 12 months, 42 people were successfully prosecuted for urinating on the streets of Eastleigh and made to pay out £8,201 in costs and fines.
Hampshire Police Chief inspector Diana Boyles said: 'Urinating in the streets is considered to be a problem and both Eastleigh Borough Council and the police are looking at it.'

It has a separate area for rubbish.
Environmental services bosses have been asked to investigate the cost of the bizarre solution for the town where no public toilets are open late at night.
Dee Buffone, town centre partnership chairman, said: 'It is a superb idea and I hope it is brought in. I just hope people use them.
'To see someone going in the street is extremely unpleasant, particularly if you are a young lady.
'I cannot believe people are leaving the pubs without using the toilets and then going in the street. The alleyways often have a bad smell in them on Mondays.
'We are working with landlords to make sure what their customers drink in the pub stays in the pub.
'We may even end up putting up posters to remind people to use the toilet before they leave, as silly as that sounds.' The new units are the same size as a standard wheelie bin.
Designer Stephan Bischof says they will cost around £80.
He went on to suggest they are put in problem areas and emptied into a garden or park every two weeks to be used as compost.
The scheme will only target male drinkers and there are no plans to create a woman's version of the toilet.

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