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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Royals on their own!

May be because they lost the last world war; or might be for desire of fame; or, who knows?, for need of money; whatever can be the reason, the Italian royals Savoia started working very hard in order to pay their own fees.

The youngest heir of the family became a very busy TV showman!

Of course we don't mean British Royals should do the same!

At least they didn't escape during the war nor they involved their country in an insane dictatorship!

Anyway we prefer the Italian royals being showmen (of course if they are able to play with!)

Read more on the DM online By Stephen Wright

"Scotland Yard chief Sir Paul Stephenson has expressed concerns about the costs of protecting Princess Eugenie and other 'B-list' royals

Britain's top policeman has expressed concerns about the cost to the taxpayer of protecting Princess Eugenie and other 'B-list' royals.

Metropolitan Police chief Sir Paul Stephenson is looking at how best to use resources at his cash-strapped force.

One area of concern is the cost of armed, round-the-clock protection for the 19-year-old princess - a renowned party animal - during her first year at Newcastle University.

Insiders estimate it at £250,000 a year - including salaries, accommodation, living and travel expenses.

Sir Paul is involved in a fierce dispute with ministers over the estimated £50million a year cost of protecting 22 members of the Royal Family.

He has told Home Secretary Alan Johnson the Government should pay the full amount rather than the £30million it currently provides.

Dai Davies, a respected former head of the Yard's Royalty Protection Squad, said some officers had expressed their doubts about the need for Eugenie to have full-time armed bodyguards.

He said: 'I am not aware of any evidence of any threat to her. If there isn’t a threat, it would appear to be a pointless exercise. It’s difficult to see the justification in security terms for providing such protection 24/7.'

Policing arrangements for Prince Andrew’s children have come under intense scrutiny in recent years.
The attempted mugging of Eugenie while she was travelling in Cambodia in May 2009 during her gap year highlighted the role of her protection officers.

They were able to defend her because they had accompanied her during her trip.
Critics pointed out, however, that it was Eugenie’s decision to go backpacking that attracted the threat. She was not targeted because she was a royal and therefore should not get VIP treatment from the Yard, they add.

A number of cynics have also questioned how details of the mugging were leaked to a national newspaper, which duly splashed her 'ordeal', just weeks after the row over her security arrangements first blew up.

At Newcastle, Eugenie is said to be living in a £96-a-week hall of residence, and is in the first year of a three-year course combining English, art history and politics.
Her protection officers are based in a nearby flat rather than a luxury hotel, which is where they normally stay when following the globe-trotting, party loving princess around the world.

Her older sister, Beatrice, 21, also enjoys full-time protection. She is living in a four-bedroom apartment in St James’s Palace while studying history at Goldsmiths, University of London.
The decision to continue to provide Beatrice and Eugenie with 24-hour guards is said to stem from a secret deal agreed between their father, Andrew, and a senior Scotland Yard officer when his former wife Sarah, the Duchess of York, was pregnant with Beatrice in 1988.
During a private meeting, the prince is said to have forcefully requested that Scotland Yard provide lifelong armed protection to his children because he feared they might one day be targeted in a terrorist or violent attack. The unidentified senior officer is said to have agreed.
Eugenie's older sister, Beatrice, enjoys full-time protection, as does their father, Prince Andrew

Insiders claim that Prince Andrew regards his daughters' having Yard bodyguards as being good for their 'status'.

The funding issue is particularly acute because the Met, like other forces, is planning to cut frontline officers.

The tight security round Prince Andrew's daughters is in marked contrast to the protection provided to Princess Anne's daughter Zara.

Though she is a professional horsewoman with a higher profile than her cousins, neither she nor her brother Peter are routinely guarded.

Buckingham Palace and Scotland Yard refuse to comment on security. "

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