last moon

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Songs for Elem

Ain’t that love?

My love was desperation
Because around me
It was all emptiness,
And I just needed 
A  heart beating for me
To fill my longing to love!

But  is it love?

If our  fate
has brought us here together
Oh Elem
And I have seen on you
The end of  loneliness
When  counting down
the minutes between us
And if  I pained   leaving
rejoiced coinciding
staring at any people
Searching of you
And if I  winced up 
At any resembling  shadow
And you were become a master
of my any single dream
 devoured by anxiety  
and I didn’t feel  hunger nor thirst

And every single thought, 
Every single word,
Every single thing
Every single person
were you

Isn’t that love?

                                       In  London 1977

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