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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poem of Creation

I sing  the God Almighty’s  Creation
Whereof were firstly born Adam and Eve
former seed of any human Nation
at the time  they could only   conceive
 the joyfulness with no desperation
In the Eden still so far to misgive
The challenge of that infernal snake
Who wanted to be a godlike fake !

I also sing  about the  brave men strays,
  Straight descendants of that chosen race,
who  such in boldly and daring ways
     Isr’eli  people to holy surface
  They lead of  Palestine.  Hates, loves, betray’ls,
     I don't omit, on fortune and disgrace:
  those between God and men, tribes and kingdoms ;
And  I sing  laws, exiles, wars, in my  songs.

Arduous so much however it ‘s my part,
long and full of traps my composition,
That plenty of fear I feel into my heart,
  if I dare to see myself on action,
and tremble  with my head before I start
The Old and the New Holy Narration!
My Fairy God, Firmament’s Creator
Please make me such an able narrator!

From   Genesis’ to Apocalypse’s book
please drive my hand among rhymes and accents  
 to enable me to understand and hook   
the most significant , deep sentiments
in order they can take a fairly look   
of  those seventy three, pious components!
If someone goes to Source for sweeter  taste
  surely my efforts I will not waste!

First Canto
From the Book of Genesis

As beginning God created the sky

 And the earth, which was shapeless and desert

And   darkness cover’d the abysses close by;

but on the waters, with divine, expert  

zeal, God established that the obscurity

had to be opened to the bright alert!

 God, seeing that it was good, called Day the light.

and the darkness, instead, was named Night. 

Then beneath the waters, the firmament

sett God, and between them, b’low, the dry land

He also set, whither at same moment,  

 to any bud and   tree He gave command

from seed, to be produc’d for nourishment

of any species, in ground, soil or sand!

After He had named sky, earth and sea

To following duty God had to begin. 

 Hereafter the lights in the sky He set

doing the moon and ‘sun for night and day,

And others signs and stars in dose correct,

for making years and seasons going away,

Because The Most High is more than Perfect

and furthermore of this I cannot say !

About this seventh stanza therefore

I will not tell you nothing anymore!

…to be continued…

Verses by Ignazio Salvatore Basile

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