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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life goes on...

When I was young, 40 years, in my imagination, were equivalent to an eternity.

Today I look back and I start to cry out, "Where's my life gone?"

And I prefer  to call them 4 decades: for some reason, they weigh less!

 In 15 days I'll be  handing over the personal records.

It looks really yesterday, when I compiled them with the names of the students of my new classes.

Luckily  the Ministry  makes us feeling young teachers: needless to talk about retiring!

Lawyers are expected to retire at 70's.

But  no matter how difficult
a cause can be , it always cares less than 30 teenagers in complete hormone revolution .

In short:  there is still much
desire to live and  fight, but the registry office is really merciless in showing the stark reality!

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