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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lyricists and Poets

In the history  of psichedelic and progressive rock there are lyrics that just can't stay up on their own words, without be based on the music they have been written for.
Instead we have some other lyrics that, even without reaching the status of poems, they may show a relevant level as autonomous scripts.
This the case of Keith Reid's lyrics, which have been mostly written for the sixty british band Procol Harum. 
They can be ascribed to the surreal and impressionist style.
Emblematic of Reid's productions surely are the lyrics of the Procol Harum's songs "A whiter shade of pale" "and "Homburg", two of the most astounding hits, not only of the band, but of all rock's history at any time.
And this succes is also due to Reid's lyrics. There is no doubt on that.
For the music, also emotionally suggestive, Gary Brook, the band's pianoplayer and vocalist, said openly he started moving from some J.S. Bach's melodies; and furthermore, band's organist Matthew Miller, succefully suit a claim on a british court for sharing millionaires copyright royalties for the music of great hit "A whiter shade of pale"; but nobody will never dare, or would have a legal reason to do it, to claim the rights  on 50% Reid's royalties for the lyrics.
I personally love very much the two songs above named (you can listen to the  first one through the link below); their memory is strictly related to my first dreams of love; I believe they are good and nice on music and words, though I keep on saying that not even the best lyrics can't be poems.

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