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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And then four crows will fly away - Fifth Part

He was coming to inform me that my father had died and I had been named his only heir. He also told me that if I did not want to go immediately back to the country, he had brought for me to be signed some letters of attorney to allow his fellows to look after the most urgent matters of administration. I signed those proxies without not even reading them. On the economic plan I would have been now stronger than ever. My studies would get a great advantage from this new decisive financial impulse. But why didn't I feel any pain? Yet I had loved him, in the cheerful days of the infancy; and he had loved me. Thinking about the years of my infancy and the coasts of beloved and distant Cornwall, I finished to consume my poor meal, then I returned downstairs. I immediately noticed that something strange had happened during my brief absence. In the test-tube the brain of the cat had dried, acquiring a grey and pale color. I extracted it with the pliers: it seemed a dry sponge without neither weight nor smell. What devil had it happened? It was a gust of wind which answered to me. In that underground where I secretly developed my experiments, I had not left but a small window, that I wanted surfaced to the level of the ground. It had slightly disclosed , quiet enough to allow the passage of a provident ray of sun which, intruding the optic circuit of the microscope, had poured in with all its mighty energy, dehydrating completely the object of my experiments. But my light, initial disappointment had soon to be transformed in high exultation, when I closer observed the test-tube that had served like furnace to that unforeseen experiment. On its fund rested some drops of a dense and glimmering liquid! I had a lightning, an intuition that afterwards had to be exactly revealed. Admirably exact, my friends! I had found the way to extract from the muscle that contains our life, from the brain that contains all the knowledge of a human being its own essence. An extract, a summary, that is the same, but free from the physical brain’s encumbrance, from the grey mash that contains it. Free from the flesh as a soul is free from his body as an idea from his thinker as a thought from his action! As you certainly know all our mental energy springs by a simple chemical reaction that is continuously produced in our brain. Such reaction, that the physicians define with the name of “synapse”, is originated by the reaction between the liquid secretion in the brain and the cells on it introduced. In practice this liquid, that has equal molecular structure in every man, works as a tracing detector of the cerebral fabric, whose composition is, instead, what countersigns a man from another. The intimate reasons for such different composition of the cerebral fabric, have seen for a long time divided the humanity. Manhood has however been until now incapable to intend the true reason for the difference of the beings of its species. A human being, from the scientific point of view, it is only a product of a casual connection of the basically chemical mixtures that are contained in the cells. And all its activity is coordinated by the cerebral cells. To succeed on getting a distillate of those cells, meant therefore to dispose of a substance of inestimable value. You can of course imagine, what such emotion I felt when I injected those drops that were deposed on the fund of the test-tube, to a guinea-pig. The result was amazing, great and more meaningful than I had been able to foresee myself. be continued...

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