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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who said that richness is a shame?

Well, it is not certainly the case with Melinda and Bill Gates (the latter is second in wealth only to  Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim).

The two former Microsoft 's managers have already given the foundation that bears their names over 28 billion dollars and are on track to donate 95% of their immense personal wealth.

Among the goals of the Gates Foundation, as well as to combat the terrible disease of the planet earth, there is to alleviate hunger in the world, bringing the technology to countries like Africa, rich in natural resources but unable even to give necessary food to all.

In addition to the money the enterprising American couple, gives to the Foundation the most precious thing ever possessed by a man: his time.

Melinda and Bill Gates make available to the Foundation of their strong management skills and travel the world meeting with heads of state and government summit in international institutions responsible for financial, to study projects that increase food production capacity of poorer countries .

There are also those who recently wrote that wealth would be condemned in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don't agree: the Gospel, if anything, negatively stigmatizes the selfish use of wealth, but not wealth as such.

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