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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Velàzquez

Who knows how many masteerpieces rely forgotten in family's cupboards, mixed up with valueless tools.
It's just what happened to the Shepperson, an ordinary family from Oxfordshire.
Between a good number of anonymous paints they discovered a 3 million £ Velàzquez masterpiece.
To be more precise it was discovered by Mr Mckenzie, from Bonham auctioneers who are going to sell it the next 7th december.
The  great spanish artist painted the Portrait of Gentleman Juan Mateos, that's the name of the 99th Velàzquez paint, most probably in 1632 and was bought by Mathews Shepperson in 1820 for as much as seven shillings.
A quarter of pound really well spent.

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