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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Poem of Creation - The Descendants of Adam and Eve - Second Part

It goes on longing for real liberty 
which will arrive with Christ  Redemptor 
the trip of restless and strain  uncertainty 
of the unworthy human gene and traitor 
WHom will mislead Wight great  iniquity, 
Off from right furrows the seeds of  honour
 Abel was murdered by his own brother 
Cain, who will be for it,  pun'shed rather.

It was up to Set and his discendants 
Enòs, Kenan, Iared, Matusalem 
before the ark sailed trough tempestous seas 
with Capitan Noè and best of them
Whom   God off   from big flood wanted to please
To resolve the everlasting problem 
that Evil in the mud was sinkly dead
and  for His glory Good could raise instead. 

But  Noè’s father  has n’t to be confused 
With the homonym that ascends to Cain, 
to Whom  gave Ada, after conceveid
 Iùbal;  Zilla gives him  a son again,
Tubàlkain, father of those who’re used 
Working  iron and copper. Is not vain
To say that from Zilla each flute’s player 
Descends, as well as those who play cither!

to be continued

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