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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Italy

Happy Birthday Italy!  I wish You a thousand of these days! A thousand, such as Garibaldi's Red Shirts,  who helped to create You, a hundred and fifty years ago; so many as those italic talents   the world admires of us!

Congratulations Italy: Because You existed before Your very birth, in that groove that Romulus was pleased to record seven hundred fifty-three years before the Great Sun of the World.

Happy birthday Italy, You bear on Your face  the pain of a miserable season and Your body shows scars and amputations by prophets and leaders of politics and deceit.

Congratulations Italy, fearless  and resigned heart, paternalism and love!

You'll never die as long as there is someone in the world who pronounces the word "Sì! "

In Cagliari, 17 March 2011 in the 150th anniversary   of the Unity .

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