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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreaming on the Space

Since I was a teen boy I have been dreaming on shipping in the Space.

Now that I even fear an airplane, I've quite changed my mind!

Nevertheless I still believe that Manhood will alaways keep searching the Space, 'cause it's his own very natura to do it!

Thus I still believe the future of humanity is out there on the infinity space.

I wonder where the men would have got, far in the space's discovering, if only they din't spend all the energies playing wars!

Of course we need to believe in Science and not in misgiving people!

Do you remember that 1976 picture taken on the Mars' surface, someone said was human face?

Well is just a rock, staying on the new picture sent us by the Viking's cameras!

So, we must keep searching, but staying with the feet on the ground!!!

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