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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

slept for crisis

It seems that recession, in UK, is getting people to bed an hour erlier than ever in the last two years.

That's the result, in a survey of 3,000 people, conducted by Jockey Underwear.

As to say: I beat the crisis just sleeping a bit more!

Specially if men find their women sexier wearing a pyjama than any lace lingerie!

Read more by Daily Mail Reporter

"Bedtimes are getting earlier and we're spending more and more time in our pyjamas, a survey has found.
The average time for a British adult to hit the sack on a weeknight is now 10.30pm, a full hour earlier than two years ago.
And almost 60 per cent of us say we slip into our PJs as soon as we get home from work.

Experts have blamed the recession for the change in our bedtime habits
A survey of more than 3,000 men and women by Jockey Underwear reveals a revolution in bedtime habits.
Experts blame the recession, with people opting to spend more time at home to save cash.
'We're now going to bed earlier than at any time during the last two years,' said Ruth Stevens, Jockey marketing manager.
'It's clear that the UK is not only spending more time in bed - due to earlier nights and fewer nights out - but we are also putting our pyjamas on much earlier in the evening.
'Many of us now get changed into our pyjamas as soon as we get home from work.
'Our research tells us that people feel more relaxed when they put their pyjamas on.
'It's a psychological end to the working day.
'The fact that we are in a recession has clearly been a factor too. People are going out less and going to bed earlier.
'The average weekday bedtime for the UK in 2010, according to our research, is now 10.30pm - a whole hour earlier than two years ago when it was 11.30pm.'
Pyjama sales have almost doubled and 71 per cent of those surveyed said they have bought a set in the past year despite not owning any in the previous five years.
An astonishing 59 per cent of British adults now put their pyjamas on as soon as they get home from work with a further 26 per cent admitting they spend at least an hour in their pyjamas before going to bed and turning out the lights.
Even more surprising is the number of people surveyed who own pyjamas compared to two years ago.
Of those questioned, 65 per cent admit to owning a set of bedtime clothes with 71 per cent of those saying they bought pyjamas in the last 12 months, despite not owning any for the past five years.
More than three quarters of men polled say their partner borrows their pyjamas, and 81 per cent of them said they found girls in men's pyjamas sexier than ladies in lace lingerie

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