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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where's the truth on Iraq's war affair?

I report from the Daily Mail on line the following news. I'm astonished and worried about knowing that such important politicians may lie on such involving matters.
Blair distorted the case for Iraq war, admits Sir John Scarlett
By Tim ShipmanLast updated at 12:30 AM on 09th December 2009

Former MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett
The spymaster behind the dodgy Iraq dossier yesterday made clear that Tony Blair 'sexed up' the strength of the intelligence with an 'overtly political' foreword making the case for war.
Sir John Scarlett said the then prime minister's claim that spies had 'established beyond doubt' that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction was 'quite separate from the text of the dossier itself'.
Sir John, former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, admitted that the claim that Saddam could fire chemical weapons in 45 minutes was also 'lost in translation'.
He conceded that it would have been 'much better' if the dossier had spelt out that the claim referred only to battlefield 'munitions' rather than 'weapons' - which was taken to mean missiles capable of hitting British bases in Cyprus.
Sir John, who recently retired as head of MI6, also revealed that Mr Blair never bothered to ask him about new intelligence received just ten days before the outbreak of war, which made clear that Iraqi chemical weapons and missiles had been 'disassembled'.
'The intelligence reports went through to the Prime Minister and to senior ministers,' he said.
Asked repeatedly whether Mr Blair or any other senior minister had asked about the intelligence or demanded a new assessment before giving the green light for war, Sir John replied: 'No. No. No.'Read more:

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