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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The rotten sentries

Chapter 28
VV 11-15

While Magdalene and the other Mary
Were  still on their way,
the soldiers of the Temple, sentries in the garden
where had been buried The Messiah,
reported the account to  the Sanhedrin!

They soon forgathered and decided
To give  the sentries a good amount of  money
Telling them to report as follows:

- “You will say that at night
His disciples came
 to take the  Jesus body away,
while you were asleep!”

This way it was that the corrupted sentries
narrated such a gossip to the Jews! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

That's my song

The first time
I dreamed the Major Thirteen
I was just over sixty.

I was dreaming of falling down to sea
With no parachute.

Before to splat the water
I asked the wind
To appease my drop:

So did the wind.

And I started singing.

Say the fishermen
Along the Cornwall coast
They hear a song
At windy full moon nights.

That’s might be my song.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Short History of Chess

Nobody knows were chess come from. Some say from India, others from China.
What seems for sure is that chess spread in  Europe through the Muslim's conquest of south territories. Among the first best players, in modern times,  are remembered the italian Gioacchino Greco, the french Philidor and the spanish churchman De Lucena.
The current rules are the result af a complex evolution made overall for quicking the game.
The first official tournament was held in England in the second half of the 19th century.
Generally speaking the strongest palyers seem to be Indians and Chinese players, though in the last fifty years the world's championship has been won by northamericans and russian players (Bobby Fisher and Gary Kasparov are may be the best known players in the public opinion).
There are millions of players all lver the world and the world champion on charge come s from Norway.
May be Chess will be included in the Olympic games since the next edition.
Wherever it comes from thanks to our ancestrors, whoever they might be, who grand manhood with a great, clever and enjoyable game. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Not certainly the last game

This morning I heard of the death of Chess' s GM Walter Browne. As a very fond chess player  I'm sad for this, though I didn't personally know the very strong american chess's  player. But I certainly knew him by fame, 'cause he was among the  strongest USA chess players performing in last decades. His nick name "King of Swiss" testifies the great number of swiss titles and chess's tournements. He won his last game just  last week. But that won't be his last game. As matter of fact his games will be studied and watched for ever. . I hope to play chess with you in Heaven, where you will shine as a great star for ever.  Requiescat in pacem Walter Browne.

To know more about Walter Browne

Friday, June 26, 2015

Are males better than females?

The never solved question has recently rised in scope chess and aroused an outcry as GM's UK player Nigel Short was quoted to declare that men are more suitable than females on playing chess.

The quarrel is ancient like humanhood. Nigel Short, as matter of fact, said he was misunderstood as ho wanted just say the men and women are different and act with different skills, sometimes superiors to those of men.

According to a recent  scientific report in Pennsylvania University, women usually work with both brain's hemispheres while men seem to privilige the right hemisphere.

Personally  I think that both sexes do excel in something and that they are simply complentary one each other.

It's a useless competition try to make a rank of classification to establish which one is the better.

Eventually never forget that between the two litigants has the third, as the proverb says.

But if you to know more please click the link below

Monday, June 22, 2015

Chess mirror of life

It seems that also in Chessgame people are loosing the path of the ancient roman Ulpiano's maxim "honeste vivere et neminem laedere".

Leo Benedictus takes opportunity from an unpleasant occasion, which recently took place in Abu Dhabi, during the international chess tournement, to make a subtle analysis of both contemporanean society and chess GM's way of life.

The matter is related with the use (and with the abuse) of elettronical machines and sophisticated tools such as i-pads, i-phones,mobile telephones and various computering machines which so much have spread anywhere, in schools and working places, changing so deeply our habits.

Of course we agree with him when he says we must keep on going on a right behaviour in our day's competences, as well as in sports or in freetimes activicties, though is more and more difficult to do.

For those who love chess, furthermore, is not pleasant to see the cheateangs and frauding are affecting also playgames and sports.

If you want to know more about, please click the link below

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The never ending love

Don’t ask me please
If I like you
You know I do
But only a platonic love
We Can live together
O My Elem
Nobody can built
Any love’s happiness
On the rubble
Of someone else’s   love
Eventually we both know
There is no rust
In the  day
Of the everlasting dawn.
There we’ll finally join
Our souls
For the eternal
never ending  love.