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Sunday, April 24, 2016

El mundo no lo entenderìa/The world would not understand

El mundo no lo entenderìa

Vivamos juntos
en este sueño tierna Juana
Como si fuéran
Los albores de nuestra vida
La inocencia cariñosa
De quien todavìa
Cree en el amor eterno
Fuera del mundo
Que no entenderìa
El lindo amor
Que nosotros  vivimos

The world would not  understand 

Let’s live together 
 in this tender dream Juana
Like we were
At the dawning of our lives
with  the loving innocence  
of whom still believes in the eternal love.
Let’s suspend our existence 
out of the world
they would not  understand

The tidy love 
we are  living through.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taking care of our planet

Taking care of our planet: the things we can all do to help.

Each one of us can do  little things you can do every day to help reduce western countries’  impact on the environment. As somebody has wisely said before me, we must keep in mind that we borrow the Earth from our ancestors and we are obliged to preserve it for the future generations.

So  here I write down five  things we can do on respect of what does not belong to us.

1)      Save  water. When we take a  shower, let’s try to close the water while brushing ourselves or while shampooing.
2)      Let’s do  carsharing or take a train to go to work. And let’s cover little distances going on foot instead of taking the car (my father used to say that some people, if they could, would go by car even to the toilet).
3)      Let’s recycle. It’s very important to collect the rubbish in different bins, according to the materials they are made of: glass, paper, plastic, organic stuff and so on.
4)      Let’s try to drive slow when we drive the car. We can save a lot of fuel going at a moderate speed (let’s say at maximum 90 kilometer per hour).
5)      Let’s turn off the lights during the day and when don’t need them. Very often we turn on television and lights in different rooms of our home. That’s a mistake. Even leaving the so called stand-by lights implies a great decrease of energy and a waste of money; consequently this means more pollution and damage to the environment.

Of course there are many other ways of preserving the environment with wise and prudential behavior but if anyone of us respected just five of them the planet would be more easily preserved for future generations.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Meanwhile sterling has slid to its lowest lever against the dollar in the last seven years. And many big companies in Britain have expressed the choose to remain in. These are part of the result for fearing Brexit.
It's useless to say the the political destiny of Mr Cameron is now in the polls. 
It's very hard to imagine his staying still in Dowining street if he looses his campaign for UK remaining in the European Union.
Now the debate between the two parties, pro Brexit and against, is getting warmer.
The Brexiters say UK will become greater again out of the European club. They also add that economic adavantages can be provided by bilateral agreements as many other countries have done with the EU; and they quote Canada, South Korea, India, China and many others.
Nevertheless observers note that bilateral economic treaties might not work the same with Great Britain. Furthermore there is much more involving of EU in the fight against terrorism that Britain could not achieve on its own.
It seems to me that most of the Brexiters issues are only nothing but a nostalgic dream over a greatness which can be reached only staying inside the European Union.
And this is woth also for France and Germany.
But the road for an integrated political EU is still hard; just paved with good intentions, at the very moment.
I still believe, none the same, the European Union has a great future: with or without English people.
3. the end.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brexit -2

Britons already voted once the same issue in 1975, but that was another EU. At that time EU was still formed by only 9 members and the strict laces which today smother number 10 Downing were yet to come.
Today EU it's more bound to run after the six founder's dream: to become a federation of states with increasing power to the centre and less margins of sovereignity to the single states.
It's this the major worry of conservative's brexiters and fundamentally almost all the average  English media class people.
But pay attention please! We are talking of English people only!
And here start Mr Cameron politic ploblems involved with the poll appointment in june!
Scots have already claimed the call of new referendum to leave the British Union if Brexiters win! And same have made the Northern Irish which threats the reunification with Dublin's  Republic if Brexiters will be the majority.
And another  great amount of problems are coming for mr Cameron on the financial  and economic side both inside and outside the British borders.

2. to be continued...

Sunday, March 13, 2016


The referendum which will ask all British people to express if they want to stay in the European Union or not has been called by Premier  D. Cameron for June 23rd (it will be on a thursday).
The voters have to say if on their opinion is better for UK to proceed on Its own through the enigmatic and crucial challenges  this epoch of globalisation is putting forward the western states, specially the more advanced and reachest, including the mass of poor people moving from Asia and Africa on the routes of a search of a better life.
Though Great Britain has an important political and economic background, mostly due to its colonial heritage, it's a relatively small country compared with the emerging colusses such as China, India and Brazil.
I'm personally convinced that the European Union must tighten its politic bonds to form a stronger political union capable to face the increasing and rising economies of the globalized new world.
Nevertheless, though I'm fond of the British culture (both of english and scottish and even of Irish), I've alawys seen London very uncertain on the path of European integration.
And I could say the same for Paris (of course for different reasons from Great Britain).
But now we are coming to a turning point.
I see on the next future a double scenario: if Great Britain decides to go out, the other partner will probably tighten closely trying to find new strengh and new reasons to stay together; if, vice versa, British voters call for staying also in this case the other partners will ask Great Britain to abandon its hesitation, which has often trespassed into ambiguity.
1. to be coninued...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

women's day

Today I want to remember Emmeline Pankurst, the first activiste for women's movement rights.
In 1914 she found the Sufragettes' movement for women's liberation. At the time women couldn't vote and left school very early. bounded in housekeeping and childcare.
After ten years women obtained eventually the right to vote and so many things changed in their lives above all for the fact that couldn'be ignored what women had done during the First World War, replacing the men in the factories, in the farms and all over the Country needed people to work.
Nowdays more than  60% of women get a work in Great Britain and not only in shops and as housemaids like it was before.
Obviously there is still much to do for their complete integration in the society.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A lonely summer

It was the last day of the summer holidays of too many years ago,  and I wasn't expecting much to happen. Suddenly I heard the phone ringing. For the first time in my school records I had to repair one subject: Geography. It might seem incredible but it's true. Of all the subjects, chemistry, maths, latin, phisic I showed my limits just in Geography so I had to spent my summer trying to improve my scarce knowledge in that particular subject. In a few day, in the first days of September,  I would be attending my fall examination in order to be admitted at the final course to graduate ad eventually go to to University. I picked up the telephone: what a nice surprise! It was Laura at the phone! Laura was a school mate who had also to make up for Geography. She was very nice of her to invite me for joining and prepairing together that boring subject for the repairing examination of September. So my summer had an happy end that unfortunate year.