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Sunday, April 26, 2015

In another life

In another life
I would fall in love
with an harper
I would listen 
to her proves
at my daily trifles.

In another life 
I would understand
much better
the value of time
praising God
since my young days.

In another life 
I hope to see
the endless dawn.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Matthews Call

On the street to Damask
I keep   pocketing money
like a bear sucking  honey
There I'm  cashing  taxes

I come from Capharnao on the lake
 but here you surely will find me
For the Romans fiscal sake
in the sunny or windy day.

Until a beautiful day  comes
unexpectedly a light
Who changes the weeping in laugh
the collection into starling.

If something you still owe
Of tributes to the empire
Don’t look for the publican Mathew
Not for him anymore

He has stopped down
To be a tax collector
He travels with the Teacher
his boxes are empty now

But his  heart is full of joy
Whole days to pass
For the streets, for the paths
at the service of the Lord.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Queen of Sheba

King Solomon's fame came
90. Up to the extreme edge of the Red Sea,
in the opposite side to that of north,
from where Moses, along the removed furrow,
the Jewish people, down in direction
of the Promised Earth, from  king’s fangs
95. of Egypt had saved!
Yemen, is called today; but to that time
[Kingdom of Sheba was named.]

Heard this fame, a queen,
Called Sheba, full of every wealth,
moved a beautiful morning,
100. to prove if his wisdom,
either usurped was or  genuine;
and she of thousand enigmas is equipped.
Every answer to the enigmas was given
From Solomon! And the queen was
[of him very fond.]

105. So she said to the king: then it was true
How much I had heard in   my country
On your account, wise king!
I had thought they were all lies; instead it is clear
That not even an  half they were of what you really
110. Possess of gold and  wisdom! Spread out
A carpet of praises, aromas and golds
At home she returned with the servants. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Impossible to explain, dutyful to remember

If there is someone who knows, he must talk!

To tell us why the Son

has been torn from His Mother…

And the Brother from his Brother….

And why guiltless children?

And timeless old men?


I can still see them,

on spirit and flesh

fluctuating through the chimney pots

greeting us with a compassionate smile.

I, still hear barks and voices




chopping off bonds of affection:

we won't see them anymore.

I feel

the shame to be a man!

And the fear to be alive and to love!

But why

if even Jesus Christ,

from the Cross,

had already forgiven us!


Please , can somebody tell me why?

Please let talk those who can; let talk those who want it!

And you that Know about, please talk

I promise I will do it

For not to forget.

In Cagliari, January the 26/27 2005

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The European Constitution

My dear Friend, after the cruel facts of Paris, who saw the death of seventeen people, I would like to offer you my following reflections. Primarily an embrace and condolences to  the entire French nation. Someone one day said " I'm don't agree with you, but I would fight to  death  for your right to say it"
You see, my friend, I don't agree on what   Charlie Hebdo publish about religious items, even in my youthness I used to like  religious and  political satire, but what Islamic fanatics have done  in Paris last week, at the redactionne of that satirical juornal, reminds me of the great masters of thought of the Enlightenment.

  In Paris the assassins have fired on our history, our culture, our time. I'm Practicing Catholic, but I also believe that's a great value to be able to choose between to believe and not to believe

Islamic terrorists killed the Charlie's vignettistes but  they did not kill the achievements of our civilization and our freedom.  

There is a gap between our culture and  those of the other continents of the world, those of other civilizations of the earth; but if we make a correct comparison we must speak of Christian culture from one hand and Islamic culture on the other.  

And now the question is: who is going to  fill the gap that separates our civilizations?  

I believe that would be a mistake to think that Islamic need to live their own age of Enlightment or, even worse,  than we should give up our achievements of liberty.

  And so? I think we Europeans we must report to the Islamists as Christians: both are civilizations and we must compare, trying to understand each other. I lived in Italy the epic of terrorists; there was, at that time, someone who said that the terrorists were mistaking  companionsI don't know  if also Islamic terrorists are brothers who are wrong (that's a problem to be solved inside the Islamic culture); but I think that we, Europeans, all together, we need to be united to better relate to other cultures.  

Let's adavance with the  European Union, then, my friend. Let's drop the differences e mistrust between us and let's walk all together, not against, but forword to other cultures, affirming and confirming our cultural acquisitions. I embrace you and sent my best wishes for a 2015 full of happiness.

Monday, January 5, 2015

We might call It God

It's already  dawn  
somewhere in the east
 while the same sun
 is setting down
 yonder in  the west
 and seven billions hearts are throbbing
 all around the earth
 with their evil and good
moved by the same force
 that pushes the rivers, the seas and the stars:
 we might call It God
Mistery, Cosmos or Physics' Laws
 but that's It.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Amazed by Jesus

I was a shepherd 
longtime ago
somewhere in Bethlehem
watching my sheeps

Though I was waiting
for Someone to come
I could believe
only my sight

Then I saw a light
sparkling 'n  the sky
I heard a voice
singing with joy

I joined the star
aimed to see
the Glory of God
the King of glee

 I'm still astonished
looking today 
 as Jesus wanted 
choosing to stay 

The least of poorness
 neatness of magic
 plenty with nothingness
the brilliance of love

Please leave me Jesus
the eyes of a child
looking  the Crib
wondering while.