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Sunday, June 26, 2016

And now the United States of Europe

I hope our English friends (also for the memory of our dear MP Jo Cox) will have a thought back on their self harm decision to go out the EU, but now it's the time to close our ranks and make a political stronger European  Union.
The single states must put apart their selfishness (specially Germany and France) and understand that the the transfer of portion of sovereignity to the European Union is in the interest of all.
Please leave off your antiquated ideas of "grandeur" (if we measure with that comparision, each one of us can recall a shadow of greatness from the past; the Italians with the Roman Empire, the Austrians with the Asburgic Empire, not only the French with Napoleon) and please start working for the United States of Europe.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The European blood

I musst confess that until Thursday, the  16th of June,  I had followed the debate on Brexit in an almost indifferent mood.

"That's domestic, internal, British affair" I used to say  to myself.

In short, I was waiting the 23rd of  June ready to accept the outcome of the referendum for what it would be.

I've always thought that the English (a little 'less the Scots and the Northern Irish) were inside the European Union without  any real conviction, with the head standing on the the Atlantic's  major issues and the feet   in the Mediterranean, but only to control us closely, enjoying only the economic benefits of the  European market.

But after the barbaric killing of Labour MP Helen Joanne "Jo" Cox I changed my mind.

Now I feel that England (but this should be extended to the whole of Great Britain) is an indissoluble part of the European Union.

Now I look forward to the outcome of the close referendum.

Now I know that if the death of Jo Cox will tip the scales on the "no" to Brexit (and then on the permanence of the United Kingdom in  the EU), the valiant  Labour MP   did not die in vain.

For her I will continue to be a convinced European.

But from now on I will consider Britain an integral and true part of our European Union.

Let's stay together,  European brothers, stick in our common Christian roots. Without hatred and without racism, but with our well-defined  identity.

It will be easier to deal with those who come from outside and profess another religion if we rediscover our spirituality. I'm not afraid of the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus or the Jews, even though as a Christian (and Catholic in this case) I  rest firmly in my convictions, attached to my roots.

We stick together, to cope against the resurgence neo-Nazis, which lead to hatred, intolerance and violence.

Let's stay united to face any kind of fanaticism and do not allow the unquenchable thirst for spirituality that afflicts humans since the dawn of civilization, be filled with dark mysteries, with vacuous quackery and stray spells, or with false and superficial esoteric convictions.

Beyond all religious convictions (I do not know  anything about the religiosity of Jo Cox but I know that  faith is still a personal matter) Jo Cox was an example of seriousness and commitment in politics and society. An example to follow by all Europeans.

Time will tell us if Jo Cox has contributed with his innocent blood to build a Europe more united and supportive. And if in the great book of our Europe will have the recognition she deserves to have.

One thing is certain: Jo Cox will forever have  an important place in my heart.

Thanks Jo, for what you were and for the example that you have been able to give, while you were alive, with your commitment in favour to the most vulnerable and marginalized.

The hand which  wanted to suppress your ideas has done nothing but give wings to those same ideas, which now fly, free, in the most sensitive and mature minds of your Great Britain and of our Europe.

Yet another demonstration of how useless and foolish are all forms of violence.

Monday, May 30, 2016

El sol sobre las Cinco Tierras

 El sol sobre las Cinco Tierras

Yo sé que tú estás allí
donde el sol brilla
sobre las Cinco  Tierras
mientres  las vueltas del mar
se quedan susurrando en la orilla
Yo lo sé
porque tanto me dijiste sobre ellas
y sé que tu has ido para allí
por siempre
Aunque cuando tu lavaste mis pies, ese día en Londres,
' te acuerdas? Yo no entendì
, pero ahora yo sé, quien tu  fuiste,
yo sé quién tu eres,
allí , donde el sol brilla,
sobre las Cinco Tierras.

En Cagliari 1981

The sun over ligurian lands

I know you are there 
Where the sun shines 
over ligurian lands 
While  the sea laps
Keep on  whispering on the shore
 I know you are there
 Because so much you told me about them
 And I know that you have gone there 
 Though when you washed my feet, that day in London,
 ‘ you remember it? I didn't understand 
But now I know, who you were, 
 I know who you are, 
Over there
 where the sun shines 
over ligurian lands. 

In Cagliari 1981

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mi Mantra

Mi mantra me lleva lejos
fuera de las diarias fronteras
del espacio físico circundante:
y me parece tan diferente y engañosa
la concepción ancestral del mundo,
cuando la mente se establece
en puntos indistintos sin forma y sin  color
ahora ahoga en ellos, felizmente inconsciente,
y persigue las golondrinas
a lo largo de los pasillos de sonido
que ellas trazan por  el aire ,
perdido en sus  cantos
que nada explican al intelecto humano
y  todavía aligeran sus mentes inquietas!

Y mientras el mundo recupera
sus formas habituales,
una duda resurge lentamente a la superficie:
si no fuera mejor para nosotros descubrir
cómo estamos conectados a la naturaleza
antes de buscar nuevos mundos,
remotos y distantes

En Cerdeña 1985

My mantra leads me far
out of the daily usual borders
of the surrounding physical space:
and it seems to me so different and deceptive
the ancestral conception of the world,
when the mind lays down
on shapeless spots of indistinct coloured flashes
and now drowns on them, happily unconscious,
then pursues the swallows
along the sounding corridors they trace in the air,
lost in their twittering accents
which nothing explain to human intellect
but yet lighten up all its restless minds!

And while the world regains
Its usual forms,
a doubt re-emerges slowly to surface:
if it were better for us to discover
how we are connected to nature
before seeking
new, remote and distant worlds!

In Sardinia 1985

Saturday, May 28, 2016

El misterio de mi amor

Mystery of my love
I have never loved,
   since never  loved me
the women I loved
and I didn't love
those who tried to love me!

I  first pursued
Impossible loves,
and when the overwhelming body
 forced me, I loved,
but it was not love;
surely  it was sweet discovery of pleasure,
flesh into flesh, fire with fire
fury subsided into the abyss of life;
but it was not love.

Neither  was love
the spasm which I waited
to see the air colored  
by your forms,
when was  enough for me
to feel your  presence
ethereal and impalpable, although present,
yet not mine
and it was not love.

So, I'm  still in search of you, sublime, decanted love.
Who are you fleeting present of God?
Are you  for all of us or just for a few?
Do you really exist oh my Elem?
Are you  a catcher of   hearts and reason?
Real or unreal?
Liar or truthful?

Still I'm seeking of you,
poignant love
unveiled eyes,
flying mate,
slave and mistress,
mother and lover,
mystery of life!

El Misterio de mi amor

Yo nunca he amado,
puesto que nunca me amaron
las mujeres que yo amaba
e yo no amè
las que trataron de amarme!

Primero perseguí
imposibles amores,
y cuando la el deseo de la carne
me obligó, fue abrumado y me encantó,
pero no era amor;
seguramente era dulce descubrimiento del placer,
carne en la carne, fuego con fuego
furia que se derrama en el abismo de la vida;
y sin embargo no era amor.

Ni fue amor
el espasmo con que yo esperava
a ver el aire
colorarse por tus formas,
cuando era suficiente para mi
 sentir tu presencia
etérea e impalpable, aunque presente,
y a pesar de todo tu  no eras mía y no fue amor.

Así te busco  todavía sublime, decantado amor.
¿Que eres tu? fugaz presente de Dios?
¿Es para todos o sólo para unos pocos?
¿Realmente existes oh mi Juana? ¿
Eres un receptor de corazón y la razón? ¿
Real o irreal? ¿
Mentiroso o verdadero?

E yo te voy buscando,

amor conmovedor
ojos de misterio,
compaña de vuelo ,
esclava y amante,
madre y amante,

misterio de la vida!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Adios Juanita
flower of Antioquia
I sucked your
nectar for a day
and  after
I flew away from you

Ah, if Nature
didn’t make  me a bee
I would still be
in your arms
instead of looking

happiness that does not exist.

Adios Juanita
flor de Antioquia
He chupado tu nectar
Por un dia
Y despues
he volado lejos de ti

Ah, si la natura
No me hubiese hecho abeja
Ahora yo seria
Todavia entre tus brazos
En vez de buscar
La felicidad

Que no existe.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

El mundo no lo entenderìa/The world would not understand

El mundo no lo entenderìa

Vivamos juntos
en este sueño tierna Juana
Como si fuéran
Los albores de nuestra vida
La inocencia cariñosa
De quien todavìa
Cree en el amor eterno
Fuera del mundo
Que no entenderìa
El lindo amor
Que nosotros  vivimos

The world would not  understand 

Let’s live together 
 in this tender dream Juana
Like we were
At the dawning of our lives
with  the loving innocence  
of whom still believes in the eternal love.
Let’s suspend our existence 
out of the world
they would not  understand

The tidy love 
we are  living through.